Stock items are great but.........

We know you like ordering STOCK items from your favourite wholesaler, adding some embroidery or print and then shipping it out to your customers but sometimes, stock items are not good enough! Your customers are becoming more demanding and can insist on bespoke solutions instead of an "off the shelf" product. They may even require their own label. You need a specialist apparel sourcing company to deliver quality garments, on time and at reasonable prices. 


Uncompromising quality, 100% made in certified factories. That's our promise.


Generally, prices are only 2x the "off the shelf" option. Not as bad as you thought?


From 6-14 weeks depending on the garment type you require. We keep you updated every step of the way.


Our minimum order quantity is usually only 500 pieces. This can vary depending on the product type you require.

Check out some of our work

A great deal of our work in confidential. Showing off our work is difficult without compromising our clients confidentiality.